Acceptable use Policy

Failure to comply will result in removal of the active service.

1. Services will be terminated if the client is found to be hosting illegal content or content of offensive nature (Child porn, extremist sites, terrorist sites, copyright protected data etc).
2. Any type of script, code, or other file that performs harmful action, either to the user affected or as a bulk action triggered by the user.
3. Knowingly permitting or hosting malicious content is grounds for immediate termination, and a permanent ban from any future service.
4. Streaming of audio or video files is grounds for immediate termination.
5. All abuse notices will have to be responded to within 24hours to avoid the service being suspended, unresolved abuse cases will result in termination of the service after 72hours.
6. The terms on this page are subject to change at our sole discretion, it is always the clients responsibility to stay updated on the current regulations.
7. Refunds are not provided to clients that break our ToS and AUP.